Selecting a Thorough Web-Based Container Tracking System

Published: 26th March 2012
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An effective container tracking system includes a virtual dispatch workstation which permits for correct cargo information flow. Like a crucial tool within the supply chain, a web based track and trace system offers convenient along with successful ways to follow the existing location of containers, by container number. As a result, you will need to determine the critical benchmarks needed in a specific supply chain. Those benchmarks may serve multiple purposes through the information flow. Besides the obvious which insures that the goods arrive to end destination timely, you have the inevitable return of the container to the ocean carrier.

Much of the shipping container industry can be built on outsourcing several parts of the procedure to several niche companies. Therefore, it is advisable to decide on an internet based container tracking system that contains the return of the shipping container, in addition to thorough knowledge of this part of the transportation process. The ocean carrier owns the shipping and delivery container along with the chassis utilized to transport them.

They contract pick up services coming from the port or container yard to the manufacturers' door together with trucking or drayage companies who carry out the exact pickup and delivery, and although they are accountable for the shipping container, the consignee accounts for unloading on time. Most ocean carriers offer a limited number of free days from the period containers are generally delivered to the customer door right up until they are generally due back. This is usually 3 to 5 days.

Following the very last day, a per diem fine can be assessed up to $250 per day. You will need to keep in mind that free days include weekends, as well. This can be a fee which is charged for more days, is actually a demurrage charge, and may rapidly turn out to be costly without anyone knowing differently. To seize this data the customer might need information that was as close to real time as possible, that is shipped within an e-mail or some other kind of electronic form of notification, that identifies the remaining quantity of totally free days, along with contact details for the trucker whenever container pick up is all set.

Preferably, a notification or maybe delivery order to the carrier for pick up might be created upon receipt of the trigger, thus making a permanent report of that date stamps the transaction. Having this information for future reference may be beneficial, even though the manufacturer has returned the shipping and delivery container timely delays after pick up by trucker are possible, and this will protect you in the event proof is required to verify the time and also day the return was made. An excellent internet based tracking system can trigger this event to guarantee that the job is completed and that the shipping container will be returned timely.

A good internet based container tracking system will offer the essential tools so that you can capture critical benchmarks including the return of vacant shipping containers. Taking a practical position together with returning shipping containers timely will bring about an optimistic transportation experience, that's absolutely free of additional costs.
If you encounter stock outs, non-compliant packaging penalties, lost or adrift totes, or have challenging customer count reconciliations, you avoid all of that by being a little more proactive. Unfortunately, its very difficult to be proactive without a comprehensive Container Tracking System.

Vestigo Corporation provides patented Tracking Systems for all kinds of returnable shipping assets. Other container tracking systems require you to adapt your operations to the rigid design of their software. With Vestigo, your tracking system is custom-made and sculpted to meet your needs and goals.

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